From the onset, England had not been expected to win the Indian Test series, but with the nature of their surrender during the final morning of the Fourth Test, serious questions bordering on the future direction of the team has been raised

So far, the goal of the squad had been to teach the top of the world rankings, one which was last held by England in 2012.

They however, are not too far from the position, as they remain in the second position but it is not something to be argued, about who holds the No.1 position, as India are the undisputed leaders in Test cricket, especially when playing in their home conditions.

So far India has been led to five successive series victories by their Test captain, Virat Kohli, with the sensational cricketer breaking a number of records in the process.

And ahead of Friday’s final Test to be played in Chennai, the host team went on to dismantle their counterparts, the England Cricket Team taking up a 3-0 lead over                 

And for India, they have so far won 15 out of 17 of their past home Tests since back in 2012, when England came off triumphant, where Alastair Cook served in place as the full time Test captain.

However, since a fine victorious series last winter in South Africa, the England Cricket team are yet to have any breath taking successes.

And out of their past seven Tests, they have lost five, with the current defeats in the Indian series coming on the backs of their 1-1 draw in Bangladesh, and their 2-2 home draw last summer against Pakistan.

The latest series may be Captain Cook’s last in charge of the team, having admitted that there were a few questions over his underutilization of his role.